We are very pleased that you have entrusted us with the care of your pet(s) while you are away. The following information will help to ensure everything is in order for his/her stay.

Dogs will receive a free bath after 5 nights of boarding, with the exception of holidays and blackout dates for school breaks. Only one pet will receive a free bath if sharing a suite. If your pet is receiving a bath, please pick up after 12:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: If your pet has to be bathed due to messiness, we do charge a clean up bath fee. Clean up baths are $12 per bath.

Answer these questions if your pet is receiving vaccines or being seen for a medical issue.

Requirements For Boarding

1. All animals must be up to date on vaccines required for boarding (Dog - Distemper, Rabies, Bordetella) **We strongly recommend the Canine Influenza vaccine while boarding.**; (Cat - FVRCP, Rabies)

2. All animals must be free of external parasites (ie. ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner's expense.

3. All animals must have a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months.

4. In case of emergency, illness or injury, the doctors of Brookstone Animal Hospital have my permission to treat, prescribe for, or perform surgical procedures upon my pet(s) while they are boarding at Brookstone Animal Hospital. There will be an exam fee associated with this service along with cost of treatment. We will make all attempts necessary to contact you should any problem with your pet(s) arise.

Consent for CPR While Boarding

If a life-threatening complications such as respiratory and/or cardiac arrest occur while my pet is boarding, the staff at Brookstone Animal Hospital can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) . If my pet stops breathing or its heart stops beating, I realize even the most successful CPR may not restore him/her to good mental and physical health. I am aware that the practice of veterinary medicine is not an exact science and, thus, there are no guarantees for successful treatment. In spite of the limited likelihood of success from CPR treatment, I accept that such care brings with it considerable expense.

I accept that if hospital staff members are unable to reach me within 20 minutes after the initiation of CPR, and after administering reasonable treatment and there appears to be virtually no hope for medical success, CPR will be withdrawn and my pet will be humanely euthanized. I am providing the hospital with phone numbers (listed above on theis form) at which I can be reached in the event of a decline in his/her condition.

I understand the cost of the medical services discussed with me and agree to make satisfactory arrangements to cover all outstanding veterinary fees at the time my pet is either discharged from the hospital, transferred to another facility, dies or is humanely euthanized.